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An important message from Janet

We are making a Sh*t coin to help pay off the US Debt. If we pump this to a dollar the World will be a better place. I luckily got us to raise the Debt Ceiling just in time to get us really out of the hole with this Sh*t Coin

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This is just a Sh*t Coin 

$JYELLEN has no assocation to Janet Yellen. This is a parody account of US Secretary and her proposed Sh#t Coin to get us out of the hole. This is nothing but a community project so don't go YOLO and put your life savings.

​This coin has no utility or instrinsic value or no guarantees of Financial return. It is utterly uselss and for entertainment purpose only

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Road Map

debit ceiling.jpg

Raise the Debt Ceiling Check

Platinum coin 7.jpg

Pump Sh*t Coin to a dollar to pay off all US debit

spending 4.jpg

Cut Government Spending

btc and us dollar.jpg

Back US Dollar with real Hard assets like Gold BTC and other Crypto

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Road Map in somewhat serious

Get more traction with Marketing

Get on more chains AVAX more EVMS maybe Cardano

Work on Discord

Get on a Centralized Exchange 

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